• "Protected Status"

    One of only two woodlands in the UK that are protected for all time. The woodland first received consecrated status back in 2007, guaranteeing its future and ensuring those that lay their heads here, do so in peace and tranquility.

    Guaranteed Protection
    ...for ever
  • "Restoring the Balance"

    With the global destruction of natural habitats, we have an opportunity to help redress the balance. To restore Ancient Woodland to its former glory and recreate the perfect environment for wildlife to flourish in.

    Protecting the Environment
    Supporting Nature & Wildlife

Protected Status - Consecration

Our woodland is one of only two consecrated woodland burial grounds in the country.

This gives us the greatest protection available in English law and ensures that the woodland cannot be built upon, or subsequently used for another unsuitable purpose. At one time all churchyards in England were consecrated, but increasingly this protection is being taken away on council and privately owned cemeteries. Instead leases are sold on grave space for a limited amount of time, usually between 30 and 70 years.

Consecration does not make the soil more holy, but it does set our woodland aside as a special place for ever. You can be assured that this woodland burial site will always remain as a natural woodland setting. It cannot be sold for another purpose and it will not fall into disrepair. Since the ground is consecrated by the Church of England, people who are buried here can lie in this land for ever, until nature runs its natural course.

Consecrated woodland burial ensures that our loved ones really do 'Rest in Peace.'

Consecration Timeline
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